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1241 Strassner Dr
Brentwood, MO, 63144
United States


Meet Our Leadership Team

Stacy Taubman, FOUNDER AND CEO


Stacy Taubman is a seasoned coach, speaker, and educator specializing in helping young women confront the challenges of high school with self-awareness and tenacity.  After earning two Masters degrees, one in Administration and one in School Counseling, Stacy decided to put her 12 years of being a math teacher behind her to focus her energy on helping young women find the strength and courage to dream and achieve big. Stacy’s insights from interviewing numerous smart, strong, and successful women, as well as her experiences traveling to over twenty different countries is invaluable to the girls who are a part of Girls Dreaming Big.  In addition to GDB, Stacy has spoken at national conferences about how to inspire girls to dream and achieve big and volunteers for the Youth and Collegiate Subcommittee of Prosper Women Entrepreneurs.


Katie mortland, Vice President Programming


Katie is a PhD candidate in Biology at Washington University in Saint Louis and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology from the University of Florida-Gainesville. From a very young age, she has been passionate about working with youth and inspiring girls to live confidently. Katie has held numerous teaching and managing positions through programs and establishments such as Saint Louis Children’s Hospital, A Way With Words and Numbers, America Reads, and several Universities in Saint Louis. Her dedication and ability to work with, inspire, and teach others is obvious by her recently received Dean’s Award for Teaching Excellence from Washington University. After noticing the lack of females in her field, she joined the Girls Dreaming Big team to help close the gender gap in not only STEM, but other fields. 


Leighanne Daley, Vice President Finance

Leighanne is a tenured leader specializing in business development, strategic planning, financial and operational management.  She began her career over 20 years ago working for Fortune 500 companies such as Dun & Bradstreet and Price Waterhouse.  After serving as a Peace Corp Volunteer in the Dominican Republic and completing her maters in Economics, she applied her education, business knowledge and passion to make a difference in young people’s lives to the nonprofit sector.  Since 2001, Leighanne has held leadership positions for local and national nonprofits and served as a board member for several nonprofits.  Leighanne has taught at higher education institutions and volunteers at a number of mission driven organization in the St. Louis Metropolitan area.