High School Family

The Girls Dreaming Big Family is both educational and social. Small groups of no more than 10 girls per family gather twice a month for meetings where they discuss relevant life issues and build a strong support network. In addition to the bi-monthly meetings, there are once a month social events where all the groups come together, which gives the girls an opportunity to get to know the other families. The Women Dreaming Big (WDB) Network will supply monthly speakers to inspire and inform the girls of all the wonderful careers out there. Quarterly the girls will participate in service projects that align with the curriculum of that month.

Girls can join a family at any grade, but the hope is for them join during their freshman year. During their junior year and senior year, they will have the opportunity to apply for leadership/ mentor positions if they have been members since their freshman year. Second semester junior year each girl will be paired up with a WDB mentor in a career field of interest. They will stayed paired up throughout her senior year and into college. After the participants have graduated college and entered the workforce they will have the opportunity to join our WDB Network.

We offer three different levels of participation: inspire, ignite, and invigorate. Applications will be available in June with family meetings starting in August.




Be inspired and inspire others! Join the Girls Dreaming Big family and take action to live your dreams right now.



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