Extended Family

Just because you may not be in St. Louis, doesn’t mean you can’t be a part of Girls Dreaming Big.  Our extended family provides virtual services that still enables you to feel a part of something and feel comfortable being who you really are.  We want to build a strong support network that can help you through difficult times.  GDB extended family will also be here to celebrate your successes and help motivate you to go after your dreams.




Be inspired and inspire others! Join the Girls Dreaming Big extended family and take action to live your dreams right now.



This is the ignition you need to live the life you’re dreaming of and get the one on one you need to to tackle anything. Hit the button below and we’ll schedule our dates (in person or via video).



Invigorate your life with amazing women, private coaching and an overseas development trip. This package is a monthly payment plan for 12 months including the cost for the trip. Ready to see the world?