Girls Dreaming Big provides services, products and resources in order to assist girls in building their self-esteem, growing confidence, creating positive networks and delivering the building blocks upon which they can implement their dreams.

This is a place where young women acknowledge their self-worth, understand self-love and are inspired to design their own lives. Girls Dreaming Big programs will assist girls just like you in navigating the transition from teenager to young woman.

As a family, we are built upon the foundation that all women can be successful and contribute something enormously valuable to the world. If we can nurture the elements for this at an adolescent age, this will provide the building blocks for girls to achieve their own success in life.

We have therefore created a number of programs especially for you and we would love you to be a part. Are you in high school? Just check out the packages here, College (global packages) here or just want to go shopping? Come on over this way! I promise, it’s full of crazy amounts of inspiration and help for you.

I’m also super excited that we will be running 3 development trips every year. Hop on over to the trips page to have a look at what we’re doing and how you can join up! One of these trips (of your choosing) is also available as part of the Invigorate packages.

I also offer stand alone services in coaching and tutoring.  This is a great way to get the extra support you need to achieve your dreams!  I offer both pay per session options or package deals.

Don’t forget to also check out the upcoming events.  Girls Dreaming Big is always up to something fun!

I can’t wait to join you on your journey!