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1241 Strassner Dr
Brentwood, MO, 63144
United States


Our Mission & Story

Girls Dreaming Big is a tutoring and coaching company that provides academic, network, and identity building experiences to prepare young women for a lifetime of dreaming and achieving big.

OUr Mission

Girls Dreaming Big's mission is to empower and build a strong community that supports girls in their journey to reach their true potential and be their best S.E.L.F.

Our vision is to be the company that best understands and serves the Social, Educational, Leadership, and Fitness needs of all young women to prepare and inspire them to Dream and Achieve BIG!

Our Story

Our desire to influence young women for good, like many dreams, was born out of adversity. As a high school teacher and coach, Girls Dreaming Big Founder and President Stacy Taubman was honest about her own struggles in high school, and her ability to meet young women “where they are” prepped her well as a trusted advisor to many students. 

Nothing could have prepared her, however, for the day when she received news that a young woman from her school had taken her own life. Her own grief was compounded by the heartbreak of the young girls whom she coached and mentored. In the weeks that followed, as she considered the impact of such a bright young life cut short, she began brainstorming ways to build a program that could combat the myriad of issues (from lackluster test scores and poor time management, to unhealthy body image and, ultimately, self-destructive behaviors) that high school girls face. She knew that changing such a culture would require her to compile relevant research, to create compelling resources, and to build a solid network of supporters.  She would need to work diligently, to advocate tirelessly - and to dream big.

Girls Dreaming Big is that big dream - a dream that each young woman in our homes, in our schools, and in our communities would see her value, know her potential, and receive the resources and support she needs to achieve her dreams.