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Video Blog Kickoff!!


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Video Blog Kickoff!!

Stacy Taubman

We are thrilled to kick off our new video blog series featuring impressive women and their stories.  When Founder/CEO, Stacy Taubman, started GDB she began interviewing smart, strong, successful women and realized their stories were incredible.  She would leave the interviews so motivated and inspired.  We decided it was time to get these women on camera for you.  There is power in their stories and we want you to see all the different paths there are.  

Keep in mind this is a new project and we are learning and growing as we go. Stacy still gets rather nervous to be on camera, but feels it's important to push past your fears and own your "imperfections".  Our first guest, Naretha Hopson, is a dynamic and strong women who you will definitely enjoy hearing from.  Please share with your friends and let us know what you thought.    

Part 2 :)