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Butterfly Effect

Stacy Taubman

I always feel like I am going a mile a minute during the week and it is not until the weekend that I have time to clear my head and reflect on life.  In case you're like me, I want to share a story for you to chew on this weekend, about how one small action can make a huge impact on your life.

I decided to start a company in November 2012, but I really wasn't sure on the details.  I knew I wanted to use my Master's in Counseling to work with young women, but what exactly it was going to look like, I had no idea.  I started taking online courses to help-Corbett Barr's How to Start a Blog that Matters and Scott Dinsmore's Live Your Legend.

They were both a huge help, but I was still left feeling overwhelmed and a little lost by all the details that go into starting a company.  Scott's course allows you access into a private Facebook page where you can share your story and ask for feedback.  I am not usually very good about asking for help, and especially not to a group of strangers.  However, in early January I was feeling really stuck because I had purchased a ton of domain names, but didn't have a clue which one to use.  I may, or may not, have gone a little crazy buying them once I learned how difficult it was to find one that wasn't already taken. Anyway, on a total whim I decided to put it out there on Scott Dinsmore's Facebook page and asked for some feedback on which domain name I should use.

The readers pretty much confirmed what I already feared....they all kind of sucked.  Luckily, I got some great suggestions and one woman in particular, Lis Dingjan, was a huge help!  Her ideas were so incredible that I asked her if we could talk more sometime.  It turned out she lives in Australia and does branding for a living.  After talking with her, my vision for my company exploded and I realized I was in way over my head.  I decided to work with her and she helped me in so many ways.  Not only did she make my website, logo, etc, but more importantly her support and guidance was invaluable!!!

I look back and laugh that I thought I could do it all on my own.  Even with her help, it was a ton of work to get my website launched on March 27th.  Without her, it would have taken me at least a year to be anywhere near where I am today.  Not only did I find someone who truly shaped the direction of my company, but on top of all this, I was recently highlighted on Scott Dinsmore's blog because he caught wind of what transpired.

I am so thankful and blown away by all that came from my random Facebook post. I really hope it illustrates how seemingly inconsequential moments can have huge lasting effects on your life.  I would love to hear your stories! Please share below, a time or event in your life when a small action led to a big change.

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