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Rise Collaborative Workspace

Stacy Taubman

This week for our video blog we decided to feature our sister company RISE Collaborative Workspace.

Businesswomen + Next Generation = Pipeline for Success

Starting in St. Louis County and going nationwide, RISE Collaborative is building a network of female – focused coworking spaces that meet the unique needs of businesswomen and at the same time, in the same space, foster and guide the next generation of young women.


Our coworking space not only provides women a professional space to conduct business, but also supports high school girls academically, socially, and emotionally through our sister company Girls Dreaming Big.  Imagine high school girls sitting working on their homework and 100 feet away impressive women holding a meeting in the boardroom. That’s life changing!! We also provide our members opportunities to mentor and give back to the girls to help them on their path.   


On September 17th, 2015 from 5:30 – 7:30 at Clayton on the Park, RISE Collaborative Workspace, brought together 65 impressive women to celebrate the company’s launch and share their vision.  The party was 100% funded through donations by women owned/operated companies including Nourish by Holly Berry Catering, Almond's Restaurant, and Sweetology. We had over 23 sponsors and even had our architectural rendering donated by Arcturis and board member Traci O’Bryan.

In addition to Stacy Taubman, Founder/CEO, sharing her vision, four powerhouse speakers talked about why they felt RISE Collaborative was important:

  • Mary Jo Gorman –Lead Managing Partner of Prosper Women Entrepreneurs
  • Julie Lawson – Executive Director of Women’s Foundation of Greater St. Louis and Vice President of Leadership at Focus St. Louis
  • Khalia Collier – Owner/General Manager of St. Louis Surge Women’s Basketball
  • Lindsay Pattan – Director of Innovation and Community Impact of Alive Magazine.


RISE Collaborative Workspace is opening early next year and in talks with several key investors. Some of the most impressive people have come to the table to be a part of RISE Collaborative. 

Our Advisory Board:

  • Mary Jo Gorman - Lead Managing Partner of Prosper Women Entrepreneurs
  • Michelle Wiedman – President of Wiedman Real Estate Advisors
  • Traci O’Bryan – CEO/President of Arcturis
  • Robin Bell – Partner of Brown Smith Wallace
  • Laura Burkemper – CEO of The Catalyst Center
  • Johnna Beckham – Founder/CEO of Johnna Marie
  • Lisa Toone - Senior Account Executive at Cenveo
  • Dan Conner – Managing Director of Ascend Financials 

For more information check out:

Safe in the City

Stacy Taubman

What does a sorority girl, spy chaser, NCIS Special Agent, and entrepreneur all have in common?

The answer is Heather Ryan!  A few weeks ago, I sat across from Heather at lunch and couldn't believe my ears as she started to share her background.  Although she says some people mistake her for an elementary school teacher, Heather actually was a Special Agent with the NCIS for 14 years. Growing up she hadn't even seen the ocean until she was 19 years old, but then went on to become a "spy chaser" all over the world. You will be blown away by her incredible stories and how she's took her 14 years of experience to create an amazing company Safe in the City. She is empowering girls and women to be their own best self-defense.  

Check out the video below to hear more about Heather Ryan and Safe in the City:

Yoga Buzz

Stacy Taubman

We are back with a new video blog episode after a short hiatus.  Our amazing intern, Rian Edwards, had to go back to college for her senior year.  Luckily, we have a new intern Jessica Weidhaas, specializing in video production.  We can't be more thrilled to welcome her and you will notice a few fun changes in the videos.  

This week's guest, Elle Potter, founded an incredible nonprofit called Yoga Buzz which creates wellness through community by making yoga accessible to everybody.  In case your not familiar with the term "yoga buzz", it is the elated feeling you experience after a yoga class. Through the amazing events Yoga Buzz is hosting, Elle is helping more people experience this feeling by providing a laid-back, unintimidating environment to explore what the physical practice of yoga has to offer. For everyone, the post-yoga experience creates a chance to mingle and socialize, and perhaps even learn something about the local food and beverage scene.

Check out the video to learn more about Elle and her inspiring journey starting Yoga Buzz.

We'd love to hear from you! Share with us, what part of the video resonated most with you. Also, if you know someone we need to feature, please shoot us an email at

Changing The Paradigm of Social Media

Stacy Taubman

Navigating social media can be extremely tricky, especially as a young teenager. What you do on the web can have a huge impact on your future.

This week we interviewed Janel Patterson, Co-Founder and CEO of Frienedy, the first private group networking application suitable for users of all ages. What makes Frienedy different than other social media sites is that it is a safe, private way for children, adults, families and organizations to engage and interact in a rogue, predatory electronic era. To learn more about Janel and how to get involved with Frienedy check out the video below! 


Magic Happens Outside Your Comfort Zone

Stacy Taubman

"If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary" -Jim Rohn

This week we interviewed Jennifer Stanfill, Director of Choice Programs at Parkway School District.  As a former teacher, Stacy enjoyed interviewing such an inspiring educator! So often we hear what I wrong in education, Jennifer is the perfect example of what is right!! One of the programs Jennifer oversees is Spark! which is an off-site, authentic workspace during school hours where students earn credit and get the opportunity to become entrepreneurs of their own enterprises. 

Jennifer reminds the us that risk is an essential part of our lives, and we should learn to embrace it. When you embrace risk-taking it stretches our potential and helps us overcome a fear of failure. 

To learn more about Jennifer and how to get involved in Spark!, watch the video below!

Life Unexpected

Stacy Taubman

Sometimes the best things in life come at the most unexpected moments.

Stacy's first year teaching, she was lucky enough to have Katelyn Meyer in her classroom; even then she could recognize there was something special about her.  Fast forward a few years, and Stacy couldn't believe her eyes when she spotted Katelyn on an episode of MTV's Made. 

Katelyn's journey continued on an exciting path. She left St. Louis, while still in high school, to pursue her acting career in New York. After a few more twists and turns along the way, she discovered her love and talent for fashion. Teaming up with her two sisters, KM2 was born and, if you haven't checked it out yet, you need to. These three young women have incredible style that they have combined to create a fashion adventure to enhance your wardrobe, specializing in accessories. 

In this week's episode, Katelyn talks honestly about the highs and lows of running a company and the best advice for those wanting to start one. To learn more about Katelyn and her inspiring journey, check out the video below! 

You Are Never Too Young To Change The World

Stacy Taubman

We are mixing it up this week on our video blog series.  

This week we are featuring a high school senior from California, Allie Boyer. She is truly an inspiration! When Allie was just 12 years old she took her love and passion for orangutans and turned it into a non-profit.  To learn more about her adventures and how you can help orangutans watch the interview below! 

Who Says Grown-ups Can't Have Fun?

Stacy Taubman

How old would you be if you didn't know how old you were?

This week we interviewed Debby Siegel, the Principal at Designing Debby & CoFounder of YoGoGirls.

As we grow up, society places pressure on us to act a certain way. Playfulness often diminishes as a result.  YoGoGirls is shattering that idea and encouraging us to break out of our shell. Debby shares with us about her journey and how to have fun in whatever you choose to do. 

Comment below and share with us how you are tapping into your kid at heart.