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Professional Bio

Stacy TaubmanStacy Taubman, the founder of Girls Dreaming Big, has been a teacher for twelve years and a coach since she was fifteen. She has helped countless girls figure out who they really are and helped them gain the strength to go after what they really want. After earning two Master degrees, one in administration and one in school counseling, she is focusing her energy on helping young women achieve their dreams.

Stacy’s insights from interviewing numerous smart, strong and successful women, as well as her experiences traveling to over twenty different countries is invaluable to the girls who are a part of Girls Dreaming Big. Through her company, Stacy wants to provide services and opportunities that young women will actually be willing to be a part of. They will walk away feeling good about themselves for the right reasons and not because of what they have on, how they look, or what boy likes them.

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