Q: What exactly is Girls Dreaming Big?

  • Girls Dreaming Big is a company offering an array of services to assist young women in building self-esteem, growing confidence, creating positive networks and delivering the building blocks upon which they can implement their dream.


Q: What is the Girls Dreaming Big Family?

  • GDB Family is similar to a club or sorority for local high school students. We will have regular meetings, fun healthy social events, quarterly service projects, access to a private facebook page, weekly inspirational emails and free entrance into a monthly speaker series of impressive women in the community.


Q:  What if I don’t live in St. Louis or I am a college student?


Q: If I sign up for the inspire or ignite package do I have to commit to a year?

  • No :) You many cancel your membership at any time.


Q:  Can I just do coaching and not be part of the family?


Q:  Is coaching the same thing as counseling?

  • No.  Although there are similarities and I have my Master’s in School Counseling, there are quite a bit of differences.
  • Coaching focuses on an individual’s life as it relates to setting goals, creating results, and managing personal change.
  • Life coaching is not psychotherapy. If your past is keeping you stuck or complicating your life, counseling is a better option than coaching.
  • If there are any potential mental health concerns in my clients (eating disorders, cutting/self-mutilation, serious personality disorders or depression/anxiety, etc.), I can provide appropriate referrals and/or resources.


If you have anymore questions, I want to hear them.  Please be sure to go to the contact page.