This is for you

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are ~ E.E. Cummings

Girls Dreaming Big understands that growing up can be a lonely and scary time.  We get that when you have friend, parent or relationship drama, it can feel like you don’t always have people you can talk to.  We also know it can sometimes feels like you are the only one dealing with the issues you have.

Girls Dreaming Big is here to create a family where young women can feel a part of something and feel comfortable being who they really are.  It will be like a club/sorority and it won’t be about what you have on, who you’re friends with or what boy/girl likes you.  We want you to know how incredible you are and that it is what is on the inside that really matters!  We’ll talk about how to deal with tough times and tricks on making things better.  Life isn’t always easy, but with the Girls Dreaming Big family by your side it’ll be a lot easier to deal with…and a lot of fun!

By creating an environment where you feel safe and supported, we hope to inspire you and give you the courage to dream big.  We don’t plan on stopping there.  Girls Dreaming Big will provide you with tools you’ll need to actually live those dreams.  It won’t happen over night, but we are here to make it happen!

Want to know a little about me?

I’m Stacy Taubman and I love working with young women to achieve their dreams. I was a High School Math teacher for 10 years (but not the boring kind, I promise) and I taught middle school for 2 years. I’m a self confessed nerd. I have a dual degree in Mathematics and Math Education along with a Masters in School Administration and a Masters in School Counseling. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like the fun things in life…I can just point out the integrals of everything along the way! I even went to Hawaii after my degree to take a summer course in Golf. Beach + sport  + sun = best time of your life!

I’ve traveled to over 20 countries and it’s opened my eyes to the beautiful world we live in…and of course that math is everywhere (see I told you I was a nerd)! Traveling is so powerful because seeing new places and different ways of life expands your reality. Some of my favorite memories are skydiving in Switzerland, hiking the Colca Canyon in Peru, and riding elephants on a hike in Thailand. I want you to have the opportunity to experience new things and grow as a person too.  I offer several summer trips to foreign lands that will help you grow as a person and are life changing experiences. Come take a look!

I’m also exactly like you, just a bit older (although I still feel 18 at times). People think I’m super outgoing but I’m actually painfully shy. I even brought a book of questions to dinner with a friend because I was worried I would run out of things to talk about. Thankfully, I’ve figured out how to talk to all kinds of people now (and I’m going to help you do the same!). My mom says I was a “late bloomer”….that’s code for I was an ugly duckling for a very long time. I’ve grown into my body now and I’m happy and healthy. Did I mention I love to dance? Who doesn’t get happy doing Zumba or listening to Beyonce tell us that Girls Run the World?!

I’m a nerd, a klutz and totally awkward (I’ve got a knack for saying some unbelievably stupid things!) and yet I’ve made it through life pretty darn well. I have an amazing job doing what I love and have the most supportive, authentic and beautiful women in my life that I’m lucky to call my friends. I’m here to show you it’s all possible and make sure you know just how awesome you are. They’re not flaws you have, they’re things that make you unique. And that’s so much better than being the same as everybody else!

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